Captivate, Enthrall, Inspire...

...These are such beautiful words, words I can't take credit for! They are the moto of artist and designer, June Cruz of Everything Enamour. June's pieces definitely captivate from the moment you receive them, and her eco-friendly pieces inspire. I'm honored to be featured by this sweet creative lady.

I began working with June earlier this year when I was looking for some jewels for a project. It was the unique design and the materials that drew me to her pieces. I can't say enough about her chic vegan leather earrings!

I love that she's focusing on the needs of busy career minded women, moms, and those of us trying to manage both. I'm equally impressed at her dedication to ethically made and eco-friendly accessories, something difficult to do in the fashion industry.

When June approached me to do an interview and an IG takeover, I was a little nervous but also excited. I'm not always comfortable in the limelight, and June asked all the tough questions!

J: What's been one of your favorite projects to work on?

M: It's so hard for me to pick just one. On the personal styling side, I love helping amazing men and women find their confidence. I've had clients say to me during a fitting that a particular outfit is so them, but not something they'd pick for themselves. Especially dressing a new mom who maybe hasn't met her postpartum weight loss goal, but showing her she can love her body the way it is and focus on enjoying her new role in life with the right kinds of clothing, or fitting a male client on his journey to finding love again after a difficult breakup. Seeing their face light up at how they look and ultimately feel is such a rewarding aspect of my job.

When I get to work with photographers and stretch my creative brain, that's also rewarding. I love stepping outside of the box and really getting to create artistic fashion. Maybe that's why I can't settle into one genre of the styling game!

J: What’s next for you and the Haven Street Style Studio?

M: Life has thrown me in different directions, so I try not to plan too much. Just as I start to focus on one aspect of my styling business, an unexpected project takes me by surprise. I’m sure there are great things in store for me, but I don’t exactly know what that is yet, and I’m perfectly okay with taking it one style job at a time!


I'm sharing my favorite fashion trends, chatting least favorite styles, types of styling gigs I work on, what's next for me, and I'm also getting a little personal sharing some little known facts! I hope you'll check it out...

read more of my interview here and check out the IG takeover tomorrow!

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