Undergarment Challenges Covered with NuBra

Hey, loves! One of the biggest challenges I run into when dressing my celeb clients for the carpets is undergarments. You've seen my girls in those plunging, backless, sideless, every other less stunning visions of the perfect red carpet look, so what do we do about what to wear underneath?

If I'm being completely honest, and you can keep my secret, a lot of times, ahem most the time, my clients go without. Sometimes there just isn't any way to put on an undergarment and rock a red carpet. Honestly, most of us have done it at one time or another.

Just like my celeb clients, my personal clients, though they aren't walking red carpets, are glamming up, but aren't willing to sacrifice support, so what's a girl to do? I've got the perfect solution!

Thanks for joining me! Today, I'm chattin' lingerie, or undergarments, especially bras... specifically NuBra. If you're lookin' for those perfect pieces to put under your styles, keep reading because NuBra is THE product I recommend to all my clients; celebrities and non-celebrities. I knew you'd appreciate having insider tips, my bra secrets, right from this stylist's arsenal!

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And if you're interested in trying out NuBra for yourself, there's a special discount code coming your way! So don't miss out.

So you might not be pulling off a super chic jumpsuit {above} like Isabella Gomez for the GLAAD Awards luncheon, or casually lounging in an ethereal, but see-through gown for an editorial spread, but I guarantee you there are a ton of styles that make it difficult to wear most regular bras. Especially summer sundresses, cute camis, backless styles, the list goes on. With NuBra you don't have to compromise.

Don't give up your comfort by having to go braless if you don't want to, and don't ruin those great sexy cutouts, plunging necklines, backless and body con dresses with undergarment's poking out, weird bulges, or too much nipple action.

Stylist tips- I'm often fitting my girls in tricky outfits, including backless, low back, and tricky sides. There are some pros and cons, and definite do's and don'ts to wearing an adhesive bra. If you really want to make the most of wearing a stick-on bra (and want it to actually stay in place, provide some shape, and give you lift), check out my tips below!

Just like any other kind of bra, adhesive and stick-on bras may not be for everyone, but I always suggest trying something out and deciding for yourself. If you do, make sure you arm yourself with these important do’s and don’ts.


Choose high quality – A simple search will turn up a bunch of adhesive bras and you'll be asking yourself, 'Do they really work?' I haven’t tried them all, but I've learned that you should not skimp on quality. Personally, I've found NuBra uses the best materials.

Choose your shape – Some of the adhesive bras out there are made of a flimsy material, back to quality again!, or don’t offer much shape. NuBra gives you the option based on the style YOU choose.

Get the right size – NuBra styles only come in cup sizes, not band sizes, so it's pretty straight forward.


Don’t expect it to be exactly like your other bras – Adhesive bras are different by nature. Bras vary in their level of support, and that includes NuBra. Keep an open mind when trying your NuBra.

Don’t leave applying to the last minute, or reapply over and over again – It can take some practice applying it just right. I suggest practice placing and wearing before you actually ever plan to wear it out.

Now that you're armed with some info,, head over to the Nubra site and take the quiz to help you find just the right style, or sign up for a virtual style sesh consult with me.

Then, check out some styles. I personally love this one, because you can wear it as your every day bra.

Need a little extra plunge for those deep necklines? This one is perfect for those styles.

I told you I recommend them to my clients, but I love them myself. I've always been able to get away without wearing a bra, but when I've had to walk carpets myself, and I'm concerned about the bright lights and lighter fabrics of styles I've wanted to wear, NuBra has me covered... literally. I don't have to worry about showing what I don't want to show, but I don't have to give up a piece I really want to wear for worry of sharing too much with the world!

Whatever your style, there are amazing options with NuBra. Go bold, but leave your undergarments unseen!

*I am proud to bring this post to you thanks to a paid partnership with NuBra. Though this is a sponsored post, I always bring you my honest opinion.

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