2019s Tie Dye

Tie Dye is having a moment... again. But it's not that burned-in-your-brain art project you did way back in the day. Tie dye's gotten a facelift. I'm kind of loving it, but I'll let you be the judge. I want to preface this post by saying that just because we love a trend, doesn't mean it should take up residence in our fashion. Hang with me for a minute and I'll explain... But first I want you to know, 2019's tie dye is elevated, and you might want to think about giving this trend a go.

Alright, so what the heck, first I tell you that maybe a trend shouldn't take up residence among your regular wardrobe, then I say maybe you should give it a go? I know, sounds confusing, but here's the thing I'm driving home: DON'T be a trend junky!

I'm all for having fun in fashion, but style is your calling card. Trying EVERY trend ever doesn't let you hone in on who you are and the message you want your style to convey. My advice is to take trends with a grain of salt, don't feel like you have to rock a trend you hate or that doesn't fit your 'style brand.' Incorporate ones you like, or have fun infusing elements of them.

Here's some tips for trying trends:

TIP #1 Dip your toes in.

Don't invest in trends, unless you know it's something you're going to wear across your wardrobe. Rather, start small and see if you even like it as much as you thought you did.

TIP #2 Have fun.

It's a trend so it will probably be out just as soon as it was in. Fashion should be fun!

TIP #3 Don't care about what anyone else thinks.

This one is easy! If YOU like it, wear it.

How to incorporate tie dye into your 'style brand?' If you've got a particular style and you like adhering to it, then you might shy away from trends; unless of course you're a trendy dresser. Like I said earlier, you can infuse trends or elements of them into your existing style. Here's how:

1. Classic, timeless, dresser: opt for a gorgeous tie dye turtleneck in muted neural colors like this one and pair with classic black trousers and a heel. You've just elevated your already classic look, added some interest, and incorporated a cool trend; keeping your look classic while adding a little chic. This might be a little unexpected for your 'style brand,' but a fun shake up on occasion.

2. Chic dresser: As a chic dresser, you're already adopting trends and incorporating them with a smart style. Grab a tie dyed clutch to add to the mix of your high-waisted denim and blazer combo. Or add a buttoned up tie dye blouse over a lacy bralette with dark denim and a pointed toe velvet bootie. Instant chic!

3. Casual dresser: Pull on a tie dyed sweatshirt with your denim and some cool kicks.

4. Boho dresser: Try a loose fit tie dyed dress that's flirty.

Have fun shopping some of my favorite tie dye pieces for 2019.

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