Festival Looks You'll Want To Wear Again

What is festival season without the perfect outfits? Let's face it, if you're headed to Coachella or basically any other festival this season, at least half of your preparation is what you'll be wearing! You all know me and my mix-and-match motto, though, and if you're a savvy shopper too, you'll want great pieces you can wear post festival.

I've pulled together some of my favorite pieces you can easily use to create your festival look, and can incorporate through the rest of your wardrobe. And I'm sharing some of my top advice for dressing for festivals. If you need a little more style advice and outfit preparation to really make that standout impression, you can book a mini sesh with your own celeb stylist!

In the meantime, get a little info and inspo below!


1. Wear comfortable shoes! Seriously, if you're planning to be at a festival all. day. long, you {and your feet} will thank me for this. I swear by comfortable kicks and the brands below. You can definitely do something fun: cowboy boot, sandal, etc... but be sure your shoes are well broken in before popping them on and thinking you'll be comfortable walking around in them all day.

2. To jacket or not to jacket? Great question! The desert is a fickle place. It can be extremely hot during the day and dip way down in temps during the evening. If you're heading there later in the day, you'll definitely want one. The challenge can be if you're there all day, what you're going to do with your jacket. I love the look of a leather or suede piece, but it can be a bi$%h to carry around all day. In that case, you might want to go with denim. It'll still be warm later, but you can tie it around your waste during the day so you don't have to keep track of it.


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